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1.75 mm pla-filament - metaalgoud - glanzend - 750 g (pla175mg07gl)


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The most popular 3D printing filament is now available in glitter editions to make all your dreams come true! PLA is a super easy-to-use filament thanks to its low printing temperature in the range of 205°C. This famous filament can be used for detailed prints because of its quality, and your print will not deform after cooling due to its low shrinkage factor. PLA is also a tough material, therefore you can use it for sturdy prints too. Litte particles were added to the PLA filament to create a glitter effect, but they are not harmful for standard messing nozzles.This effect also contributes to the quality of the 3D print, because the print lines are less noticable. PLA or poly lactic acid may sound extraterrestrial, but it is actually a biodegradable plastic that's made from renewable natural resources. This ensures that there are no unpleasant smells during printing. What more could any maker want! It's compatible with all common desktop FDM and FFF technology 3D printers and you do not need a heated bed for good results. Check out all features and specs below and got ready for choice overload because we've got colors galore!


  • sterker en minder broos in vergelijking met de standaard PLA
  • eenvoudig te printen bij lage temperatuur
  • beperkt kromtrekken
  • biologisch afbreekbaar
  • beperkte geur


  • type: PLA glanzend
  • diameter: 1.75 mm (1/16")
  • verpakking: spoel
  • kleur: metaalgoud
  • dichtheid: 1.24 g/cc
  • printtemperatuur: 180-210 °C
  • slagvastheid: 7.5 kJ/m²
  • gewicht: 750 g
  • afmetingen (spoel): Ø 20 x 5.5 cm

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